The BIG ALbum CD (Premium Package)


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Product Description

This item is a preorder for the Premium Package of The BIG ALbum which ships January. Preordering the album will give you access to the Kickstarter Edition of the digital download.

The Premium Package Includes:

1x Physical CD of The BIG ALbum (Shipping January)
1x Custom Twister-style ‘The BIG ALbum’ USB Drive
+ Premium Package Extras (Super Secret Extras!)
+ Instant Access to Kickstarter Edition Digital Download

The Kickstarter Edition download differs from the Bandcamp Edition in that it will be updated as the Kickstarter progresses to include extras such as a digital version of the insert booklet once the print version is finalized.

Note: Physical CDs will ONLY be available as a preorder.
We will be shipping the combined preorders and Kickstarter rewards in one large batch in January. From there the physical edition will only be available at live events and conventions.

This preorder is powered by PayPal and is intended for those of you who either missed out on the Kickstarter or had issues because of Amazon Payments. Unlike the Kickstarter this preorder does not include free shipping. Shipping rates and additional details can be found here.

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